Company Overview

Classic Cashmere is a leading manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of exclusive cashmere products from Nepal since 2006. We have been manufacturing and exporting exclusive cashmere pashmina to worldwide countries to large brand company to small retail outlets. We have worked with   individual artist, designer and small business stores. Our skilled and experienced staffs are dedicated to quality, durability and esthetic essence.  In addition to our own line of products, we also specialize in custom designs. We custom make product that match your color, texture, and look and feel like no other company.

Our Products

Luxurious cashmere fiber handcrafted in to art to wear as Scarves, Shawls, Throws, Blankets...woven in various designs and patterns; colored into  wide range of hues and elegantly printed with our exclusive patterns, designs and arts. 

Knit wears,  our knitting units set up to create an exclusive Cashmere Sweaters, Jumpers, Ponchos, Cardigan, Robe, Blankets, Hats, mufflers and more… These are made from the luxurious cashmere yarn and knitted with skilled hands.